Wednesday Want-Silicone Trivet

I had something else lined up for today’s Wednesday Want, but this Want is something I would have picked up at the grocery store without giving it a second thought. I’ve seen them hanging in aisles as an impulse buy and I would have impulsively bought them. I’m such an easy target! I see it, I want it, I buy it. No more! The spending must stop!

What I want this week are silicone trivets like this or this or this or this. They’re all basically the same. It’s so silly and random, but I totally would have bought one (or more) already this week. I’ve actually been thinking of picking one of these up for the bathroom counter, so that I can set my flatiron on it. So far I haven’t burned the countertop so I haven’t actually purchased one.


The reason I really want to buy these now is that I want to make my own chocolate chips with them. You weren’t expecting that were you?

Well, as I said in last Wednesday’s post, I’ve been loosely following the Trim Healthy Mama plan for almost a year. One of the things I love about this plan is that I can have desserts like raw cookie dough magic cookie bars, and peanut butter whip (made with coconut cream), but so many of the delicious treats call for sugar-free chocolate, dark chocolate or stevia-sweetened chocolate chips. Well, I haven’t had any luck finding any chocolate that is sugar-free, dairy-free AND fair trade. I’ve been on and off dairy for years, but am really trying to be good at staying dairy-free recently because I break out (and it hurts my face and makes me sad), so I’ve resorted to chopping up my skinny chocolate (one of THM’s staple treats. There are endless possibilities for this treat) and adding them to my healthy desserts.

Back to the trivets. See how all of the trivets I’ve linked to above have hexagonal, indented pattern? I could just pour my skinny chocolate into the trivet, wait until hardened then pop out my homemade, healthy chocolate chips. I need some of those trivets to make my chocolate chips, don’t I?

I guess I’ll just have to wait 11 months for beautifully formed, healthy, delicious chocolate chips. Until then I’ll just keep chopping up what I have.

But it won’t be pretty.

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